Rusty’s Bicycle Recycle now accepts donations from donors that prefer to use Zelle®.  

Rusty’s Bicycle Recycle is registered in Zelle® under our email address, and our main number 407-759-9871.  

You can also use the Zelle® application for iPhone or Android for donations.  More about these applications and configuration is available here.  

When using the Zelle® application, there is no requirement for your bank to accept Zelle®Zelle® does not charge fees for the transfers which are almost instantaneous.  If you prefer to use your banking application or web page for Zelle® donations, you can check the banks Zelle® status here.  When Rusty’s Bicycle Recycle receives your Zelle®donation we only see name, email address or number used for Zelle® registration.  

If you want a donation receipt, you will need to send an email to with your name, address, email and cell number and the amount of your donation.